Project: Moma's House

Project Leader: Donna G.

Click HERE for Moma's House Website

About Moma's House:

​MOMA's house is based on the philosophy of My Own Movement toward Achievement (MOMA). We work with women who are committed to transforming their lives while in recovery from domestic violence and human sex trafficking. We are a 501(c)3 Organization and have provided services to 63 women since opening our doors in 2009.

Karen L. donates a quilt she finished for Moma's House. She also handed out (2/11) block patterns for members to take home and finish for the next quilt.

Project: Luke Air Force Base Diaper Bag Blankets

Project Leader: Theresa F. 

Theresa has prepared kits with instructions. Pick them up at a meeting. Or, click HERE to download instructions and use your own fabric.

2019 Service Activity

Calico Cut-Ups 

 2018 Service Activity Commitments​​ and Results

Kits of 6" cut squares for charity quilt tops are available at each meeting. Members may take home kits or work on them during Open Sew. Members may also drop off their completed projects on this table.

2018 Service (this includes contributions from several of Jeri's friends): 

  • 107 stockings filled for Prescott Veterans Hospital
  • 24 Christmas stockings to senior homes
  • 20 Christmas stockings to a high school teacher and her students
  •  CPS group home for children newborn to age five​
  • 110 quilts 
  • 33 receiving blankets
  • 14 crib sheets
  • 19 pillowcases
  • 29 veteran's lap quilts
  • 20 knitted stocking caps

Kaye Woods 6 Hour Quilts

Project Leader: Donna G.

​In support of Calico's Service efforts, Kaye Woods donated patterns for her 6 Hour Quilts. These patterns are the property of Calico and may be checked out if you would like to make one of these quilts. 

Community Service is an important activity in Calico Cut-Ups (CCU). In addition to the generosity of CCU members, CCU receives an annual grant from the Arizona Quilters Guild (AQG) for service projects.  ​

Project: Prescott VA Christmas Stockings

Project Leader: Jeri P.

Click HERE for VA Hospital Website​​​

In December 2018, members filled boxes to go to the VA.

Donna G. is managing Calico's Service Activities this year. If you have a favorite charity on your list this year, please take on the responsibility of organizing a sew day where Calico members can join in supporting your selected organization.  Donna's role is to help you get club time and resources in order to make the activity a success. Please use the form below right to let her know what you plan to take on and she will get in touch with you. Let's make 2019 another successful year for our Service projects! 

Mary Lou explains the Diaper Bag project.