Membership Dues for 2020-2021

Note: If you also belong to another Chapter of AQG and have paid their Chapter dues, you must also pay Calico Cut-Ups dues to be a member of Calico. For instance, Queenie Quilter pays her AQG dues and want to belong to Calico Cut-Ups AND Quilters Anonymous, her dues payments are as follows:

  1. AQG 
  2. Calico Cut-Ups
  3. Quilter Anonymous

PS: Be sure to list all your Chapter memberships on your personal information page so you will be listed when that Chapter's information is searched.

CCU Dues

Visitors may attend 3 meetings before the CCU dues payment of $15 is expected. Your membership in Calico is not official until your AQG dues are paid.

Use the PayPal button below to pay your dues. You will have the option to use your credit or debit card OR your PayPal account. CCU does not charge late fees, but the dues are NOT pro-rated later in the year.

You may pay both your Arizona Quilters Guild (AQG) and Calico Cut-Ups (CCU) annual dues online via Paypal, but they are separate transactions.  AQG membership is required to be eligible for CCU membership. ​Both AQG and CCU observe the same fiscal year: July 1 to June 30

AQG Dues

Click HERE to pay AQG dues online OR, if you prefer to write a check to pay AQG dues, download the form, which is available at the AQG site. Once completed, mail the form and your check directly to AQG.  They will notify our membership chair and treasurer of your payment.

AQG payments must be received by June 30th to avoid AQG late fees. AQG does NOT pro-rate dues if you pay later in the year. 

Be sure to print your AQG membership card and show it at quilt shops and JoAnns as membership may entitle you to a discount. CCU does not provide a separate membership card.

​If you prefer to write a check to pay CCU dues, see the Membership Chairperson at the next meeting you attend.

Remember,  AQG dues are NOT collected by CCU. 

Calico Cut-Ups