Secret Sisters

Led by Fred

Want to add fun and mystery to your Galico Meetings? (Get It? Gals + Calico = Galico!) Join Secret Sisters. This year's theme is "These are a few of my favorite things." Get to know your sister and find out a few of her favorite things.

It's not too late to join. Please use the form on the left to contact Fred and get signed up!

Jeri has picked "Rainbow of Colors" for her president's challenge theme. Instructions were announced at the February 11th. There are a few more openings so contact Jeri for your fabric. The challenge is due and will be judged in November  11, 2019 (note change in date from original October date). 

  • First prize: $75
  • Second prize: $50

ClickHERE to download the instructions.

Nine Patch Block Lotto

Led by Norma

The Block Lotto starts at the April 13th meeting. If you choose to participate, you will receive a nine patch block pattern and the color for the block. For every block you make and turn in, you will receive a lottery ticket. The lottery winner(s) receive a set of blocks to make a top. The lottery will run every other month.​

  • November 11th: Drawing for the Autumn 9 Patch block winner(s).

Calico owns a GO! Big electric cutter. It is available for use by Calico members during regular sewing times. Click HERE for the equipment (cutters, mats, etc.) list.

Block Exchange Led by Doreen

Doreen is offering two block exchanges, both running from Nov 2019 thru May 2020. Members may participate in one or both exchanges. Participants will make a minimum of 2 blocks for their selected group(s) each month and bring them to the 2nd meeting of the month. Doreen will sort the blocks and each participant will go home with two blocks made by others. At the end of each exchange, participants will have 12 different blocks. This is a great way to practice your skills or get a head start on getting a quilt top made! Use the contact form if you have questions.

Raspberry Kiss

​Click HERE to download instructions.

Helen F. is in charge of our magazine, book, and pattern sales. Members donate these items which Helen displays on tables at each meeting. Members may purchase any item for $0.25. Many members find this a great way to "recycle" their materials and often "re-donate" when finished with the purchased item. 

Calico Cut-Ups offers ongoing activities members may choose to join throughout the year. Most can be joined at any time, but some have a specific starting date or enrollment limitation. See each activity description for details. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the Retreat pictures.

Magazine, Book and Patterns Sales

​September - May

April Showers,

May Flowers

​Click HERE to download instructions.

2018-19 UFOs

aka Unfinished Objects

President' Challenge

2019-2020 Activities

Calico Cut-Ups 

Kay R. is in charge of the UFO effort in 2018-19 The fee to join is $5 and you may join at any time during the year. For every completed UFO brought to Show and Tell, you got "1 credit." For example, if you showed 5 items at a meeting, you get 5 credits meaning your name gets entered 5 times. Each credit is a chance for you to win the drawing at the end of the year when a name is pulled from the jar. The winner gets to take home 90% of the total fees collected and the club the remaining10%. The more completed UFOs you shared, the higher your chances of winning!  

Note: You get to decide what "finished" means for your project.