Calico Cut-Ups offers ongoing activities members may choose to join throughout the year. Most can be joined at any time, but some have a specific starting date or enrollment limitation. See each activity description for details.

The 2020 President's Challenge

A Stitch in Time

Christmas Club

Helen F. is in charge of our magazine, book, and pattern sales. Members donate these items which Helen displays on tables at each meeting. Members may purchase any item for $0.25. Many members find this a great way to "recycle" their materials and often "re-donate" when finished with the purchased item. 

Jeri handed out bags of lace at the 2/10 meeting. Contact her if you would like to join in. Also, Jeri has more hankies for sale if anyone needs some.


  • ​Size of finished piece no larger than 50" x 60"
    • Table runners
    • Wall hangings
    • Large block bag
    • Quilt
  • ​Turn in for judging on November 9, 2020
  • 3 prizes will be awarded
    • ​1st: $75
    • 2nd: $50
    • 3rd: $25

Interested in starting a small?  Our first small group — Scrappy Club — had an organizational meeting February 20th. Using a self-created survey, they identified interests, picked a meeting date and place, and decided on size. Our next meeting is March 19, 2020 at Norma's house at 9:00 am.
There are lots of opportunities for small groups — minis, scrappy II, paper piecing, hand quilting, FMQ — and many more. We’re ready to help you start a group. 

To receive more information about this small group, you can use the information  in the form and have it sent to your email.

2019-2020 Activities

We hope some of you gals would like to get together at Jeri's home, March 20, 2020 at 10 am. We will discuss what type of project we would like to do for Christmas. Examples might be: Table Runner, stockings, bags and more. We will discuss options and then get to work.

This small group will meet the 4th Wednesday of each month.

Let me know if you are planning to attend, or if you would like more information, please fill out the form on this page.

Scrappy Club

Our idea of a small group club is to sew a fun project and get to know one another

Small groups at Calico

Kay R. is in charge of the UFO effort in 2020. The fee to join is $5 and you may join at any time during the year. For every completed UFO brought to Show and Tell, you got "1 credit." For example, if you showed 5 items at a meeting, you get 5 credits meaning your name gets entered 5 times. Each credit is a chance for you to win the drawing at the end of the year when a name is pulled from the jar. The winner gets to take home 90% of the total fees collected and the club the remaining10%. The more completed UFOs you shared, the higher your chances of winning!  

Note: You get to decide what "finished" means for your project.

2020 UFOs: aka Unfinished Objects

Magazine, Book and Patterns Sales

​September - May

Calico Cut-Ups 

Calico owns a GO! Big electric cutter

The cutter is available for use by Calico members during regular sewing times. Click HERE for the equipment (cutters, mats, etc.) list.